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ND to NV

Not all those who wander are lost.

World Series of Poker : Main Event

After four days of preliminary play today is the first day that everyone in the tournament will be competing at the same time. There are 1637 people remaining and the tournament is paying 873 places. Here are the payouts at this years final table :

1st $12,000,000
2 $6,102,499
3 $4,123,310
4 $3,628,513
5 $3,216,182
6 $2,803,851
7 $2,391,520
8 $1,979,189
9 $1,566,858

click here to see all payouts.

8,773 players put up 10,000 to play in the world's biggest poker tournament at the Rio. But what about the people that come so so so close to making the money???? Read this. Milwaukee's Best Light is sponsoring a tournament for the 9 people who finish just out of the money.

Danie and I haven't played poker at the Rio, but we did enjoy the buffet last Christmas(remember?)

I made a couple trips to spectate some of the final tables. Look for Me and Lucy on ESPN in October. We had a really good seat behind a couple of early all-ins and I am convinced we will make it on the air. I will remind everyone closer to the air date to watch.

Danie and I watched Phil Hellmuth win his tenth gold bracelet. He was super-super excited. There was a super dramatic all-in by Phil Hellmuth that doubled him up and put him back in contention. After raise, re-reraise, re-raise, re-raise pre-flop Phil turned up a pocket pair of 5s and Juha Helppi (finnish boy) had Ace of hearts and 6 of diamonds. They are off to the races and are both even money to win after five cards get dealt.

The flop came King, Jack, 5 all diamonds. Phil made three of kind but Juha had a flush draw. Phil spikes a set and stays completely still. Turn is a Queen....of DIAMONDS! Juha makes a flush and now Phil is behind. But the river is Queen for a board of Kd Jd 5d Qd Qh. This makes Phil fives full of Queens and he doubles. The last hand was was Phil's Ace-Jack against Juha's Ace-nine. The funny thing is I thought Phil would stand up and act all excited to see he was a huge favorite to win his tenth bracelet but he just sat still until all five cards were dealt. It wasn't until after the river that he stood up clapped his hands, yelled "YEAH BABY", and went over to hug his wife. The Finns were dejected in the Juha section and Danie was ready to go home.

Oh, and look at this kid. He turned 21 years old in June. Played in the World Series smaller tournaments leading up to the Main Event making FOUR final tables and winning two of them! He was the youngest ever to win a bracelet and now(obviously) the youngest to ever win TWO! Oh and he took home 1.4 million and quickly paid his parents back the money he borrowed from his college fund to play.
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