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ND to NV

Not all those who wander are lost.


Adam and Amber got hitched in Wayzata, MN on Saturday August 12th. Check out their
website to see more pics and to read their 'how we met' story. I was asked to be groomsman which meant I had to dress up and act like an adult. Adamis a real good friend and that's why I was willing to perform such a difficult task.
I took a red eye flight Thurs night/Friday morning.  My flight connected in
Dallas/Fort worth instead of Chicago like planned. DFW airport is put together
nicely. It has new leather seats in most terminals and giant flat-screen
displays for arrivals/departures. The train system is super easy to use and
even easier to find. The flight to DFW is shorter than to Chicago so I didn't
sleep more than a half hour in First class(thanks Lucy). Dallas to Minneapolis
was a tiny tiny plane that was sooo loud I couldn't sleep at all. On one of the
runways in Minneapolis I spotted an SR-71 Blackbird. That was the coolest jet

I met alot of the family members the day before at the Groom's dinner. I took a
nice power nap and ate some delicious cheeseburgers at his Uncle's house in
Farmington, MN. I tried my best to NOT teach his littlest cousins any new
swear-words. It was more than 24 hours until the wedding and I was already in
my adult character earlier. That's method.

As you can see, the tuxedos were pretty swanky. No bow ties but it was really
really hot. I am not used to humidity anymore and was sweating like a cat in a
chinese restaurant. No one else in the wedding lives in a desert but that didn't
stop them from sweating either....so maybe it was just hot.

Some friends showed from High School showed up for the wedding. Heather and
Joey, Mel and Jo and Terri and her husband. Melanie and Jovannae still
inseperable even after the demise of Coach's. I always knew they would outlast Paris and
Nicole. Missing was Kube. He told everyone that he thought I would beat him up
if I saw him. I am not charging him interest. If I thought it would do any
good I would have "taken it out of his hide"(My Dad's saying) in Fargo.
One time I threw him in the trunk of a car and took him to his parents house
but that's not beating someone up, Danie.

After the wedding we dashed to Downtown Minneapolis where there was a yacht
waiting for everyone. Everyone hopped on the boat we headed down the
Mississippi. Huck Finn never had it so good. It was a really nice boat. I drank
probably the most champagne ever in my life. I did however eat so much good
food I was still able to act like an adult. Okay, a slightly louder version of
an adult who urges you to drink champagne with him. After the party it's the
after party, after the after party it's the hotel lobby, yadda yadda yadda more
on that soon enough.

Funny story about the married couple, Amber has decided to keep her last name.
While at the DMV to change to her new hyphenated name she was told that there
isn't enough room for Schumacher-Silbernagel. So they shortened it to say
'German'. Just kidding.

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