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ND to NV

Not all those who wander are lost.

Cardplayer Article

Cardplayer Magazine, The Poker Authority has an article on Poker in ND.

In related news.

I was playing in a multi-table tournament online with a $2 buy in. 107 people bought in.

I got 7th place because of this miracle I hit.

Here is how the hand played out.

Ok. I am in the small blind w/ 10k in chips. There are 14 people left in the 107 player tournament. The blinds are 600(small) and 1200(big). I am a short stack since I have less than 10 Big Blinds. Since you can't make a standard raise pre-flop without committing over a 3rd of my chips I have to push it in under almost any circumstance. Now mdh4380 had just pushed in the last two hand preflop winning blinds without contest. Now he just calls the big blind from early position. Fishy to say the least. I know he has a premium hand but I have two black queens. Everyone else folds to me in the small blind. I decided to go all in since the blinds are getting high and I was going to cash since 18 places paid. I had a pretty good feeling I was ahead against mdh4380 but the Big Blind GIO called my 9k raise instantly. UH OH! I know that I'm behind now. Then mdh4380 calls. He only has 600 bucks left on the Jack high flop and it goes in. He doesn't have anything but all his money is pretty already in the pot. That is when I get to see the cards.

"Oh great, Aces, I knew it. I need a queen!"

Then I get to see that mdh4380 has 1 of the two remaining queens. Don't worry fans, I got there!

"If you get there on the river, you can't get outdrawn"

If you run a simulation using Pokerstove, here are the pre-flop win percentages:

1,370,754 games 0.060 secs 22,845,900 games/sec

equity (%) win (%) tie (%)
Hand 1: 10.9874 % 10.51% 00.47% { QcQs } Hero
Hand 2: 84.4422 % 83.95% 00.49% { AdAh } villian #1
Hand 3: 04.5704 % 03.74% 00.83% { AsQh } villian #2

That means I if I played this hand 1.3 million times 1 will only win once every 10 tries. 9-to-1 underdog.
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you suck at the internet.... post that picture as a jpg...    

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